More Love Letters

What. The. World. Needs Now. Is Love. Sweet Love.
It's the only thing that there's just. Too Little Of.

Yep. I'm still working on resolutions from last year.

Nope. Didn't make a single new one this year.

Fewer piles. More love letters.

I'm pretty sure these two are the organizing principles on which we can hang all the others. Fewer piles will always improve the view. And more love letters are bound to improve both the giver and the receiver.

Win-win-win, right?

Sometimes the fewer piles project gets me all excited. Other times the more love letters project captures my imagination. It's the best of all possible worlds when the two converge. Like the other day.

I worked on creating fewer piles of magazines, and a last loving look revealed pages of beautiful photos with little to no text on them that begged me to save them from the discard pile. 

So I did.

They have been reincarnated so that they can live on as love letters:


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