Happy St. David's Day

Take a moment to imagine here a photo of the daffodils blooming in my backyard. The photo Google is making it so difficult to post. 

It's been fun. But it looks like Oh My, Oma! is pulling down the shades, turning out the lights, and closing the doors. 

Keep doing all the good things you are doing.


Tissue By the Sheik

The one on the left ----> over there---->up there---^

Well, OK, she was on my left -- your right.

Yeah. That one. She's my baby.

When she was a few years younger 
she would request: "Tissue by the sheik?"

Which translated meant, "Can I kiss you on the cheek?"
or "Will you kiss me on the cheek?"


This photo was snapped not too long ago just before 
she headed off on her next great adventure.

She's out of reach for another year and some
and I'm really missing her these days.

When we meet again you can be sure 
there will be plenty of tissue by the sheik.