Apologies for Radio Silence

Wireless router went kaput so no Internet access at home for a bit. Check back mid-July.


Twins About to Fledge

This family moved in less than 48 hours after the last family moved out. I guess the word is out that we have a fabulous fully furnished nest in our backyard maternity ward.
Awww...even Ugly Babies are loved by their mom.

Eyes That Sparkle & Shine

I'm pretty sure this one gets his sparkle
from Grandma Arleen:
but the brows and lashes remind me of these gorgeous eyes:
Perhaps it is hard for you to see in this old photo that's been scanned, but everyone commented on his beautiful eyes when Uncle was the same age as the top one. And like his handsome uncle, I'm sure Eee's eyes don't miss much!

Just for fun, we'll finish with some eyes that were sparkling when a baby girl was tranformed into a beautiful bride this weekend:

Happy Summer Solstice!


A Boy from Bakersfield

From left to right are my Aunt Charlene, Aunt Maxine, My Daddy, and his Daddy (my GranDad):

I love the old car. And the socks.

My Dad was born in Bakersfield during the Great Depression.

He built his first telescope when he was about fourteen years old, and he built several others after that. As a girl I was fascinated that he could take a block of glass and make his own reflector lens. He rigged up a special contraption to test the optics to determine if there were high spots that needed further grinding. 

He knows a great deal of physics and astronomy, but my Dad never graduated high school. He joined the U.S. Navy when he was 17, and got his GED while in the service.

He and my Mom were highschool sweethearts. Their wedding reception was held in the front yard of the very house they live in today. At that time the house belonged to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Varine. I love everyTHING about this photo:

I was Daddy's buddy as a little girl, especially after the arrival of my baby sister. I've learned a lot from my Dad and I love him deep. I'll tell you more about it another time. But for now -- I'll leave you with a shot of me & Dad from last year. Happy Father's Day.


Ten Thousand Pleasures: Summer Bounty

I know you don't care what my Sunday dinner looked like. But I do. Corn on the cob, green beans, onion, tomato, cucumber, and watermelon. I love the fresh foods of the summer season. Heck. I love the fresh foods of the autumn and winter and spring seasons, too.

Many of the items on my list of the Ten Thousand Pleasures of My Life are sensory delights. This colorful, popping, crunchy, juicy, sweet, savory meal was indeed a feast for several senses. And a taste of things to come as we eagerly anticipate our homegrown cukes and tomatoes ripening in the next week or two. 

Sing it with me now "...only two things that money can't buy. And that's true love and homegrown tomatoes..."


Ssshhhhhh...baby's sleeping

Five or six hours of snuggling this one takes some of the sting out of my baby leaving home. And look at those big blue eyes when she's wide awake!


Just When You Thought Pennies Were Outta Here...

Until recently I advocated abolition of the one cent coin. I adore Honest Abe, but pennies were the bane of my existence, and hardly worth gathering to turn in at CoinStar.

I always said, "please keep the penny" when I made a purchase totalling Sumpthing Dollars and Ninety-Nine Cents.

Until the other day.

At the end of a commercial transaction, as the cashier handed over my change, I was dazzled by the flash of the shiny shield of All Things Tiny and Mighty, and I was instantly cured!

"Hey! What's THAT? Oooooo. A superhero shield...wow, that is so much cooler than the Lincoln Memorial that looked like Mister Rogers' trolley..."

It's weird how a redesign has completely flipped my opinion of the lowly penny. But that's how good design works I guess.

Now I try to plan purchases to get back the maximum amount of pennies in change. And I check them all for Abe's Superhero Shield. 

Little things can make a big difference, dontcha think?


Kitten Relocation Program

Took a brief pause to catch up on a bunch of living, but dear blogland I have returned. Been busy celebrating the accomplishments of the Youngish One:
after which we visited the Big Trees:
and I rounded up these wild kittens to be released in a far corner of a neighboring state:
You'll notice they are wearing their flannel pajamas. We hear it can get mighty cold in the hinterlands. These kittens are prepared. And so is the Youngish One. She's off to college. Safe journey, my beloved.