Walking to the End of September

Don't worry. It's just a ten-mile walk.
Autumn is a great time to visit Sequoia National Park.

No mosquitoes.

Blue skies. Pleasant temperatures day and night.

Good fishing holes. Like Emerald Lake.

Or Aster Lake.

Or Heather Lake.
See you later, September. 

We will remember you fondly as we walk forward into October.


Inspired By: Mirror Lab

Wish my dad was around so I could talk with him about this. 

Roger Angel at the University of Arizona has worked out some 
solutions to problems of astronomical proportions. 


Inspired by: Drawing From Memory

Oma's Art School is underway. Self-instruction, line drawings, watercolor, studying works that speak to me, restraining the chattering monkey mind that says this is silly. Putting the Red Elephant Journal created earlier to good use at last.

I have found helpful and inspiring this beautiful book and remarkable memoir of artist Allen Say, about whom I knew nothing before encountering this book. It is published by Scholastic Press and geared to middle grade children, but I would recommend it for adults and children of every age.