Not Even A Mouse


If you could see the ears under that hat
you'd know for sure he's not a mouse.

Remember, children, Santa sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good.

So be good, for goodness' sake!


Get Your "Merry & Bright" Here

If you thought British Christmas was all about wassailing
and fat geese and little boys on crutches, think again.

This holiday delicacy from Across The Pond
promises to "KEEP YOU ALL AGLOW".

Happy Christmas.


This Weekend

And we made plans to celebrate some more in just a few days


At McDonalds' 2003ish

Not at the golden arches.
At the home of our beloved friends:

And again in 2007:
Many warm and wonderful memories have been
made thanks to the love of our dear friends.


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 1984

We were so poor the children had to suck their fingers.

Our joy that year was a baby girl in teensy pink tights.

She was a natural for the leading role in the Nativity play:
A method actor, too.
(Joseph is distracted but Baby Jesus is right in character).

Kassi Angel; Michael Joseph; Gretchen Mary; and Grandma was in the background creating some delectable treat for sure.


White Christmas 1983

Outside our apartment in Provo, Utah


Ghost of Christmas Past

Let's take a trip in the WayBack Machine and visit
Christiemas 1997

Couldn't fit all of this handprint wreath on my flatbed scanner, but you get the idea.

Kindergarten gifts and decorations are the sweetest, dontcha think?

Thirteen years later this grown up girl is soon to arrive home for the holidays. It's her first big homecoming since moving 800 miles away as soon as she had her high school diploma in hand, and we are all so very ready to welcome her.

Finish your business and hurry home, baby.


While I Was Gone

The Elf Workshop has been busy. I didn't just fall off the face of the earth. The bubonic plague descended shortly after the jelly-making at Thanksgiving. But even in my weakened condition I was able to drag myself to the dollar store for a cartload of ornaments to craft this beauty:

I love every glittery turquoise and gold bit of it! And something about it reminds me of crafting with my Aunt Varine. When I was about eight she helped me glue macaroni to an empty wine bottle and spray paint it gold. It was awesome. 

The wreath kinda coordinates with this year's Christmas Shirt ($8 from Tar-Jey). I've worn it twice already since Thanksgiving and I'm wearing it again today. I really love it.

It's hard to blog at Christmastime because all the good stuff we are up to is TOP SECRET. Except I can show you my plan for total world domination.

One. Snowman. At. A. Time.

There are currently five agents in the field but these guys have been part of the project for twenty years. See the purple agent up there on the left?  Mmhmm, now see if you can spot him undercover about 10 years ago in the scene below:

Stay tuned for additional evidence of Christmas Past in upcoming posts...