Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

Getting to Know Me, Part II

Hi. I’m Julie.

Now that we've been properly introduced I'd like to indulge in a little over-sharing.

These are my recurring thoughts, the consuming obsessions that occupy my mind:

Words, language, meaning, love, sex, books, stories, family, diet Pepsi, mythology, spirituality, friendship, chocolate, humor, creativity, absurdity, mental disorders, transpersonal psychology, intuition, feelings, emotions, chickens, relationships, ethics, human behavior, animal behavior, child development, origami, maps, nature, Canada, world history, catastrophe, food, gardening, stringed instruments, musical notation, mathematical notation, tessellations, poverty and wealth, knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet, quilting, death, collage, art journaling, social media, letterforms, graphic design, illustration, photography, counting backwards from 99, imagination and visualization, traveling at the speed of light, magic, conservation of energy, juggling…

I think you can see my problem. On any given day as I am going about my routine these thoughts expand and multiply and recombine in original ways that tangle my tongue and populate my dreams and,
after all, shape and define me (in part) as

the ONE

the ONLY



These are the germs of some of my ideas, plans & dreams. Thank you, Marta, for the inspiration. Later I will circle back around to mine this list and explore the details.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak preview of upcoming attractions.

Come back soon. With a box of Junior Mints or Raisinets, a bucket of popcorn – salt, no butter - and a 64 oz. diet Pepsi. For me.

You can also bring your favorite movie snacks for you…

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