Grandfish and Other Delights

So I saw this artwork and immediately thought of my Grandfish, Tootsie.

Yes. I have a Grandfish.

And Mr. Last has a Grandkitten and a Grandhorse.

There are also Grandchildren. But the artwork did not bring to mind Grandchildren. It brought to mind my Grandfish, Tootsie.

And then it brought to mind this photo of Tootsie's adoptive mother in this red dress, and Tootsie's adoptive auntie in that red velvet:

Then I remembered this photo of the
two of them together in reddish clothing: 
Which reminded me of them peeking out from behind this tree: 

And peeking out from behind that lamp post
 (trust me, there is a lampost, it is just out of frame):
And then I remembered this photo that always makes me laugh:
Now we've come full circle.

I love you, Tootsie. And Tootsie's adoptive mother.
And Tootsie's adoptive auntie.

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