Getting to Know Me

Have we been properly introduced?

Hi. I'm Julie.

This is a snapshot of my daily routine, from sun up to sun down, in (mostly) nouns:

Dark room, bedcovers, alarm buzz-beep-chime, mumble, light switch, stumble, bath tub, hot water, shampoo, wash cloth, bath towel, underwear drawer, sock drawer, work clothes, mouth rinse, tooth brush, blow dryer, hot curlers, hair brush, moisturizer, make up, shoes, purse, downstairs, kitchen, white dog, head scratch, refrigerator, juice, vitamins, yogurt, toast, banana, a kiss, a hug, car keys, driving glasses, garage, automobile, driver’s seat, headlights, Canadian radio, neighbors on their morning walk, neighbor man waving from a stool in his garage, stop lights, freeway on-ramp, state highway, fellow commuters, truck drivers, knuckleheads, speed racers, prison lights, dairy air, orchards, fields, county line, pink sky, Sierra silhouette, FedEx plane, municipal airport, CalTrans construction project, Ivy Street, brick walk, brick steps, alarm code, keys, light switch, coffee maker, desk, workstation, password, email, voice mail, interoffice mail, in box, phone calls, morning meeting, printer, file cabinets, copy machine, coworkers, log off, Canadian radio, lunch spot, diet Pepsi, service workers, bank/post office/library/dollar store/Marshall’s, Freedom Park, cell phone, adult children, grandchild/ren, driver’s seat, brick steps, desk again, swivel chair, keyboard, phone calls, coworkers, shuffled papers, sign off, light switch, brick steps, driver’s seat, gas station, Canadian radio or NPR, freeway on-ramp, fellow commuters some more, state highway, fast lane, off-ramp, neighborhood, driveway, garage, kitchen, back yard, dog, man, dinner, diet Pepsi, dirty dishes, dishwasher, upstairs, play clothes, Facebook, blog-stalking/-posting, pajamas, mouth rinse, tooth brush, covers, books, bed, cold feet, conversation, warm man, light switch, a hug and a kiss, dark room.

Inspired by Maggie and Marta.

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