Drunken Newton

What's black and white and red all over?

Way back in the early days Mr. Last let me know that there was "quite a restaurant presence in Bakersfield."

"Uh huh," I thought skeptically, "if you are a big fan of beer and BBQ."

I was an ignorant snob. For almost five years now Mr. Last has shown me delightful eateries in every corner of town. Recently we enjoyed the flavors of Moo Creamery, and this is a place worth going out of your way to visit. People come from all over and you should, too.

Mr. Last sampled the Arctic Char plate and I tried the Vietnamese Pork Burger. Merciful heavens! They were delicious in the extreme. It's really a shame you cannot lick the screen and taste:
Our server settled a bet about the sweet potato fries. Mr. Last was certain they were true to their name and deep fried in oil. I thought they must be baked based on the lack of any oily feel, taste, or spots on the white paper under them.

They are deep fried.

But only very quickly and after having been soaked in cold water overnight to prevent them from absorbing oil during the cooking process.

Incidentally, it turns out you can have beer and BBQ at Moo Creamery if you've got your heart set on it, but with so many other flavors to try I wonder why you would do that?

Dessert was a Drunken Newton sundae made with the most delicately-flavored brown sugar ice cream on a butterscotch cookie with caramel and figs:

Now you know.

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