2011: A Beautiful Year

Late November a skinny box came in the mail and I handed it to Mr. Last with instructions to wrap it for Christmas. And then I forgot about it. Do you do that, too? Buy yourself presents for others to wrap?

Anyway, I LOVE this calendar that I got from A Quick Study. It's four feet long and so you have to have a good space to hang it, but it is so beautiful it doubles as an art piece. Originally I thought I would write a little something on each day, but I can't bring myself to mar it's perfection. Sometimes I just stand in front of the wall and look at it. It makes me THAT happy.

I almost got a clever sunshine calendar drawn by Caitlin Keegan, and I cannot wait until next fall to see what catches my fancy then. Seriously, if you search Etsy for "wall calendars" you come up with over 1300 different and beautiful calendars.

So I don't know if the title of this post is a prediction or a wish, but if 2011 ends up half as beautiful as the representation I have of it on my wall, we are in good shape.

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  1. That's funny; until you said it was a calendar I thought you were trying out new paint colors. It is pretty though- but I would have a hard time being practical about it because I need space to write things like birthdays and dr's appts and other random thing like babysitters.