2020 Vision

I used to be short-sighted, myopic, couldn't clearly see into the distance. Corrective lenses, eye drops, and saline solutions were required to boost my vision until a multi-thousand-dollar miracle occurred and, lo, my eyes beheld the detailed glory of the world.

It was exactly the opposite experience of being in Timpanogos Caves when all light sources were extinguished for a moment to demonstrate total darkness. I much prefer details to darkness.

But I would not describe myself as "detail-oriented" and not much of a goal-setter either. Once upon a time I made four or five resolutions for a new year; 2010 is dedicated merely to fewer piles and more love letters. That's it. Short and sweet.

I do enjoy, however, envisioning the bigger picture. I spend way too much time imagining some of the possibilities the future may bring (and fantasizing about those that are entirely unlikely to show up).

God willin' and the creek don't rise I will be 59 years old and eagerly anticipating retirement in 2020. "The Kids" (funny how an appellation once reserved for just the firstborn and secondborn now includes them all) will be various thirtysomethings except Stina, while Eee will be leading the grandkids straight toward teen years. It is likely that some beloved elders will have passed out of this life by then. I wonder if there will be a woman in the White House?

Do you have a 2020 Vision? It doesn't take a multi-thousand-dollar miracle to get one. 

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