An Advent Calendar of Sorts

Happy Anticipation Month! 

Each day in December I will post a little Christmas cheer to celebrate the season and heighten the joy. Today's celebration was potting a little Christmas cactus in the red reindeer container I saved from last year. I do not recall what the container originally held, and I did not save it specifically for holding a Christmas cactus.

Hi, I'm Julie. And I have a container-saving problem.

But it's not really a problem, is it, if you find a way to put your saved container to good (and beautiful, if I do say so my self) use?

The cute little fellas flanking the Christmas cactus were obtained about a month ago from Marshall's. They are very much my style, and have given me pleasure just knowing they were waiting in the wings for their moment to shine. I have not yet named them, but they could easily end up being Rudolph and ChrisMouse, unless you suggest something better.

Happy December 1
Only 24 more days until Christmas! 


  1. "Rudolph" and "ChrisMouse" sound very good to me. The only variation I can think to suggest for consideration is "Rudolphie." I hope you have a very merry December.

  2. You know Mama, admitting you have a problem is the first step. And that made me laugh really hard.

    All the new additions to the holiday family are pretty adorable. And I still can't believe you have all those snowflakes still. (Yeah, I'm being lazy and consolidating comments.) I started some new little baby snowflakes to go inside the Underwhere Fort. It's strangely therapeutic.

    See you in 16 days. :)