It is a beautiful Day-Before-Christmas and these paperwhite narcissus are blooming profusely at the edge of our front walk.
Their scent is attracting butterflies and bees.

In other news...

Elves have been discovered in the living room. The director told them to make sad faces but some elves are naturally cheerful and find it difficult to comply with such instructions:
No one seemed to have any difficulty following instructions when it came to stabbing vegetables into a foam cone, however. Look at the construction techniques these guys employ:

The centerpiece graced our new traditional holiday meal of jaeger-schnitzel with homemade spaetzle. For the four-and-under crowd the homemade spaetzle, which are basically egg noodles, were magically transformed into creamy delicious Mac'n'Cheese with the help of another traditional holiday classic, Cheese-You-Spray-From-A-Can! 
Happy December 24
Tomorrow is Christmas Day!

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