Late 80's Nativity Scene

Celebrating the Season still. But we've reached that shifting time of the holidays.

We are crossing a threshold and entering the count-down-on-a-single-hand phase of anticipation as we eagerly look forward to faraway family members coming into our orbit this weekend. College kids are dealing with the urgency of finishing finals. Travelers are packing their bags in preparation for hitting the highway.

"Jingle Bell Rock" is getting annoying, which indicates it is time to switch to another holiday playlist.

 And here's a little peek at Christmas past:

Yes. The headgear consists of historically inaccurate kitchen towels and blue bandanas. And Mary is sporting a lovely pink floral robe while the baby in the carseat is cozy in his stretchy red feety pajamas. But, honestly, no offense was intended by our improvisation. It was just a little play-acting. No barnyard animals were harmed in the making of this production. Not even stuffed toys. No shepherds. No angel. No star. No Wise Men.

Nevertheless, I like to think happy -- if imperfect -- memories were created as my children spent a few moments that evening reminding us all of the Reason for the Season.

Happy December 13
Only 12 more days until Christmas!

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