In the Shape of a Can

Lest you think all we did was tree-trimming, rest assured that we did in fact enjoy the traditional Baked Pumpkin French Toast with whipped cream for breakfast on Turkey Day. Later there was the traditional Roast Bird with Bread Stuffing and traditional Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. Not to forget the traditional sliced Cranberry Jelly in The Shape of a Can. It was delicious and we polished off the leftovers just this evening.

But it is true that we spent much of the long weekend outdoors building up an appetite. Mr. Last relocated some posts and wire fencing here (White Dog approves -- disregard the tongue sticking out):

And I braved the wilds of the Great Wall of Vine-ah to excavate this buried treasure:

This hand-crafted copper sprinkler had been toppled and strangled. I was slightly worried there might be skeletons buried within the yard-eating vine wall, but now I'm encouraged to dig for more buried treasure:

We had so much to do that we missed Black Friday altogether. No worries. After our chores were finished on Saturday...

...we wandered out to a neighboring county and accidentally found our Christmas presents for each other, which of course required a celebratory lunch at Wildflower Cafe:
This afternoon I squeezed in a little hit'n'run visit to hug GrandGril who now practices the affirmation, "I did it!" after every accomplishment. I think I'll adopt her sparkly little declaration.

This blog post is over now.

I did it!

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