Good Eats

Our celebration for today was unpacking the fine china that was generously passed down to us from Mr. Last's mother a little while ago. It finally came out of the dusty boxes to be handwashed and lovingly given a new home in the sideboard. We will use it for dinner on Christmas Day and for every other occasion we can think of from now on.

In fact, dinner this evening must have been an occasion. We initiated the fine china with salmon and spinach tonight.

Our dinner conversation natually turned toward anticipation of Christmas Day. We discussed menu options: Jaegersnitzel and spaetzle? Lasagne and garlic bread? Roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas? Ham with baked potatoes and orange jello? Milk or ice water or sparkling cider for beverage? All three? Some of these foods are closely associated with one branch of the family or another and it was amusing to note which was identified with whom. 

I have never been accused of being the hostess-with-the-mostess but now I find myself curiously absorbed in details like coordinated table cloth and napkins and perhaps hand-crafted napkin rings. I'm looking forward to creating a fruit arrangement in the shape of a Christmas tree. And one from vegetables, too. I hope I can recruit some help crafting those.

Its fun to think about the good eats we associate with the holiday season, and I look forward to fielding requests for certain special treats as we enjoy breaking bread together over the holidays.

Happy December 5
20 days until Christmas


  1. Sign me up for the Food Trees committee.

    See you soon. Love you.

  2. Can i make a request for dinner? Baked Sweet Potatoes--- not the kind with marshmallows on top but just baked like regular potatoes... I have found I'm slightly addicted. If you choose to go that route- I'm also totally open to them any other day/night that we're there. Don't have a preference for the actual christmas day dinner so long as we all get to be together. Love you. Happy December.

  3. Check and check. Christie oversees the creation of food trees (all supplies will be provided), and sweet potatoes will be baked. We, too, are addicted. That was our Sunday dinner just past. With butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Best comfort food ever.