Living the Dream

Someone complained/commented that I have not posted lately and I replied, "That's because I'm living the dream."

Photographic evidence above was captured by our 4-year-old grandson who spontaneously grabbed his mother's camera and ran to the other side of the room declaring, "We should take a picture of this," when we were being silly and trying to fit everyone on a single couch in spite of having plenty of other seating in the room.

And in between cooking and cleaning and shopping and crafting and wrapping and playing Bezzerwizzer and celebrating a special birthday and watching Polar Express or Narnia, we've been trying, with greater and lesser degrees of success, to keep the Giant Backyard Vine from eating small boys:

We've even enlisted the help of White Dog and his trusty sidekick:

So, I'm sorry about the lack of blogging, but not too much. Because, really, I am very busy living the dream and I'll have to catch up with you when the the excitement dies down a little.
Happy December 21
Only 4 more days until Christmas!


  1. what adorable grandsons you have!

  2. Thank you. Yes, it's true. Grandchildren are the reward for having children. My kids were adorable in their day, but never as adorable as my GrandKids are.