Christmas is the Taste of Snowflakes

Christmas is a joyous party,
Christmas is an unwrapped gift,
Christmas is a person's joy,
Christmas is giving.
Christmas is love,
Christmas is gingerbread cookies,
Christmas is receiving gifts.
Christmas is caring,
Christmas is a get-together,
Christmas is the scent of pine,
Christmas is colorful lights,
Christmas is a winter scene,
Christmas is the taste of snowflakes.

Ten years ago, more than half a lifetime away, the Youngish One created this love letter to Christmas. Of course I saved it.

She was giddy last fall when big fat snowflakes began falling in her college town. Just like her sister was when she first tasted snowflakes in another college town. By the other side of the first full snow season they were each much less enchanted with snow.

My Christmas wish today is that we may step back into the enchantment of childhood this season and remember the taste of Christmas in a snowflake.
Happy December 8
Only 17 days until Christmas!

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  1. I can't believe you still have that! Thanks for reminding me that I used to like the snow. :) Love you Mama! SEE YOU IN TEN DAYS!!