"This Way Please"

Let's play Follow the Leader, OK?

We'll see if we can find some of Central California's world class scenery. How about a mallard?

No?  Maybe a grey squirrel?
High Sierra hiking, perhaps?
How 'bout a slice of a giant Sequoia tree?

This is the tree the Spring Breakers who visited us earlier were looking for in Sequoia National Park a few weeks back. Turns out the sequoia slice that measures history in tree rings is NOT in Sequoia National Park.

It's at Yosemite Village.

Where Niece and I spent some quality time this past week in celebration of her Spring Break.

Spring Break, Part II, if you will.
'Twas snowing when we arrived at The Park, and sunny blue skies when we departed the next day. We enjoyed every single minute.

Including our accidental accommodations at the luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel.

So, that's the end of Follow the Leader for this week.

Tag! You're IT!

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