Fluffy and Infrequent

Most of the time our sky is a big old blanket of light blue. Sometimes ashy blue. Sometimes grey. Sometimes dirty white. Fluffy clouds are infrequent so we notice them when they blow through. Like today.

Years ago when we worked hard to have Family Night, we sometimes made Pudding in Cloud as a treat. It was quick and inexpensive and fluffy and satisfying for the whole family.

Last night I made Pudding in a Cloud pie.

And today fluffy clouds adorn our blue sky.


I think not.

Also, since you brought up the subject of gratuitous food photos, Mr. Last was grillin' like a villian a few days ago. See for yourself.

I cuss.
You cuss.
We all cuss for asparagus.
Oops! Just looking at it made me say a bad word. Lemme go wash my mouth out with soap.

And speaking of things that taste bad, didja hear we've got Mad Cow disease right here in River City?

The assurances that our food supply is safe ring about as true as the assurances that a new guy in the lead position is all we need to fix our messed-up economy.

I'm not buying it.

Beef. Or the new guy.

But I will have another slice of that Pudding in a Cloud pie. Guaranteed to sweeten even the sourest disposition.

We'll talk about the pitfalls of comforting oneself with food another day. Until then, stay tuned for more pretty pictures of food and flowers on...

Oh My, Oma!


  1. Oh man. I do love me some Pudding in a Cloud. Wish I could be there enjoying delicious food/desserts with you. But I'll see you in a couple weeks. :)

  2. Mom- You are reading my mind-- CRAZY! I was just thinking about taking that to the family potluck tomorrow (because I want it). I did in fact hear about Mad Cows in River City and I support your decision to not trust the powers that be. I don't much either. And the Asparagus....mmmm...swear-a-licious good. Love you.

    PS- I didn't know it was called PUdding in a cloud... I just thought it was pudding goodness.