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Wishlist via Valerie's Genealogy Photos
Mr. Last said,"Have you done everything you wanted to do when you were 50?"

And I thought Hmmm. Shoulda made a list.

Then I reviewed:
  • We moved into Our Home and are busily making it Just Right.
  • I did not expect 50 to be the last time I hugged my father but I'll never forget our last hug. It was a good one. If your dad is still around take a minute to tell him you love him. Your mom, too.
  • Visited a couple local National Parks. Always nice to visit.
  • Moved a grand piano. Three times. Same piano. First 90 miles. Then 1 mile, and finally -- 700 miles! Never doin' THAT again. OK, actually, I was just the assistant piano-mover. Mr. Last really did the lion's share of rigging the ropes, etc. Still. NEVER doin' that again. Too anxiety-provoking for me.
  • Met Charlie, our newest GrandBoy. Sweet snuggle bundle just like each of the others.
  • Played with all the Grands as much as possible.
  • Enjoyed many lovely visits from various family members. Hope that trend continues.
If I'da made a list -- then -- Yes! I've done everything I wanted to do when I was 50. Making a list of what you've already done can be every bit as gratifying as making a list in advance. But because I would rather plan to fail than fail to plan...

...when I'm 51, I think I would like to:
  • Eat lots of tomatoes from our garden. And also some cucumbers and squash and peppers and potatoes and onions and beets.
  • Visit Seattle and cruise to Alaska(!)
  • Spend some time looking at the Pacific and pondering.
  • Visit various loved ones nearby and some 700 miles away.
  • Skype with the Kids and GrandKids more.
  • Break in the snowshoes we got last year.
  • Take a class. At the gym, at the community college, or with a music teacher. Not on-line.
  • Write more love letters.
  • Eliminate more piles. 
This will be an experiment. I'll check back in a year to review what I've done on The List AND to round it out with the unexpected delights that I know will show up even though I did not conjure them in advance by putting them on The List.

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