Party in the Berry Patch!


This is what it looks like, only darker. My camera on the night landscape setting makes it look lighter.
The berry patch is growing on the redwood and wire supports beyond the bench (mid left strung with lights) All the fairy lights and pathway lights are solar. They go on automatically after sunset. And they turn themselves off before dawn and recharge the next day. Thank you Sun.

We -- well, again Mr. Last does the heavy labor, but I cut tree limbs and tended the flower beds and sprayed the patio and washed windows -- spent the ENTIRE day outdoors and mucho much was accomplished so we sat and looked at it a lot.

And we ate grilled corn and strawberries. Not from our garden. But we do have a hanging planter with strawberries. And I spotted our first green berry on the boysenberry plants.

Feels like summer. Got up to 92 today. Degrees Fahrenheit, that is. It's a balmy 86 now.

I'll give you a grand tour of the progress on the grounds in the days ahead, but just for reference, here's what a similar view looked like a few months back:

And now (again! because it feels so good):

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