Last year it was Quintastic! and this year
I'm feeling FiftyOneDerFull!
My little Landscaper-in-Training called to say,
"Happy Birthday, Oma," just as we were enjoying
long-distance cake with cousins. It was awfully
cute to hear the little voices saying hello to one
another across the miles through the magic of
modern communication.
This delicious celebratory meal was lovingly
prepared by Mr. Last. He knows what I like.

Chocolate cake is standard, but the salmon fillet grilled
on a cedar plank with tarragon and dill was extra special.

I tease him about his inordinate fondness for kitchen gadgets, but I must agree that the right tools add to the presentation and enjoyment of a delicious meal.

Thank you, one and all, for taking the time and trouble to make Oma feel so loved.


  1. Happy Birthday! Mine is next week. :)

  2. Everything about this post is just fantastic. Glad you had a birthday filled with Grands. :) Love you Mama!

  3. Middle Child came up when he saw me reading this post and started yelling grandgirl's name over and over. "I want to see her!" Glad the cousins like each other. (He's mad right now because I won't scroll up---I'M TYPING KID!) I love your beautiful flowers on the table. I think I have decided I would rather grow beautiful things and buy the edible things from others...or let my hubby oversee that part... division of labor you see. But for now we'll just focus on the chillens. I think that's enough. SO GLAD you could have a wonderous celebration of YOU. I love you. We love you- so glad you're my mama.