Spontaneous is My Middle Name

Late this morning I checked with Number One Son and his family to see if I could drop in on them. Just wanted to deliver some hit 'n' run love from Oma, and they invited me to join them on an outing.

We visited our friends at the zoo!

We saw an orangutan with a baby orangutan. We saw a tiger. We saw an alligator. We saw a camel. We saw an ostrich (it was almost as exciting as having a friendly neighborhood ostrich). We saw anteaters wrestling. We saw lemurs. We saw elephants. We saw zebras. We saw seals and sea lions. We saw flamingos. We saw a grizzly bear. We saw a blue macaw. We walked among the sheep and goats and llamas. We oinked at hairy pecaries and made a kookaburra laugh at our crazy Australian accent. I haven't been to the zoo in ten years or more. Paul Simon is right. It's all happenin' at the zoo!

It was so much fun I forgot to take pictures. Except when we lunched with the giraffes.

When I got up this morning I had no idea what today would hold. It's good to say "Yes!" as often as possible. And it helps when Spontaneous is your middle name. 

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