Can you remember your life 10 years ago? I can.
I boldly proclaimed back then that Life Begins at 40. A world of possibility seemed laid out in front of me and I had lots of hope but no clue what actually would come barreling toward me as I traveled down the Road of Life.

Since that time I have witnessed half a dozen high school musicals, and innumerable choir concerts, and track meets, and a few European adventures. All four kids obtained drivers licenses, graduated GWHS, left home. All of us attended college and some of us graduated (others are still working on it). There have been some weddings and some divorces, a few broken hearts, some auto accidents, and lots of address changes. Crappy jobs and better ones. Seeing the beauty of the West via interstate travel and National Park wilderness. Lots of birthday candles and chocolate cake. And a new generation is rising.

Some people say 50 is fabulous. Some say 50 is nifty.

I say my 50th Birthday marks the start of something Quintastic!

This year the wish of my heart was to celebrate with my beloveds. So I got myself to a place where I could find 50% of my children and 100% of my GrandBoys, and we picnicked at the Castle Park.

Yep. It was everything I wished for and more. Spring is still trying to come to Logan and it made a brief appearance this day. There was actually a cold wind a-blowin' even though it looks sunny and warm. Silly Stina was sporting flipflops. Prematurely in my opinion, but I can appreciate the restlessness of the natives after a long winter. 

This may look like just another day in the park with the kids, but for me it was the Best Birthday Ever. Thanks, everyone, for making it Quintastic!

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