What Mixed Message?

It's meant to be a welcoming entrance, but I noticed this morning that our front door is guarded by a variety of plants that sound a bit ferocious:

**Snap DRAGON**

I particularly love the elephant bush. It has a more musical proper name, but it is commonly called "elephant bush" because it is thought that in Africa elephants enjoy eating it. As soon as I get my elephant I'll let you know if that is her favorite food, or if she prefers chocolate chip cookies.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: Look who I found in the elephant bush!
Turns out the rare blue-eyed yellow elephant of Central California, Toby Johanes, LOVES elephant bush. I can't get him to come out.

And even though the sunflower forest casts intimidating shadows, how can you really be afraid of this? It is our first bloom in the forest and it says, "Hi! Hello! You are welcome here," don't you think?
'Cause you are. Welcome here.

Don't let the gardener's choice of plants confuse you.


  1. That's quite the menagerie you've got goin' on there. And I love the sunflowers, of course.

  2. I love that your plants are all animals. Or at least named after animals. I'm glad to see Toby is enjoying the shade of the elephant bush. The sunflower forest sounds grand.