Elephants & Me

This magazine used to sit in a stack in the Conservatory
and I stopped to look every time I passed that way.
So I finally grabbed it and propped it on an easel for display.
 It is a photograph I can't stop looking at.

I found another stash of magazines when I was winnowing
and simplifying the other day and I began to notice
a pattern emerging: 

Then this clipping appeared in my new scribble book: 

And I recalled the Nellie's Elephants sweater I knitted
for GrandGril this time last year as we were
anticipating her arrival: 

On the knick-knack shelf
(you have a knick-knack shelf, right?)
I found this darling little Heffalump: 

And very near him I found the sweet little guy
that started my whole collection:
Toby Johanes was lovingly crafted many years ago by a child of mine. You may notice that he suffered an unfortunate trunk injury a while back. Nothing a little love and SuperGlue could not fix.
The rare blue-eyed yellow elephant from the wilds of Central CA.
A real treasure.

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  1. Actually due to a lack of super glue I believe he was skillfully put back together with red puff paint (hence what looks like a cut on the right side there). I'm touched and rather surprised you still have Toby. Pachyderm love.