In a Dream State

Sometimes my mind wanders when I am awake and wild imaginings seem like reality until I come back to awareness of the here and now.

Sometimes when I sleep I dream crazy, vivid scenes that I remember in great detail when I awake. Other times I can only vaguely recall small bits or disconnected details.

I have dreamt of Wild Things in the living room.

I have dreamt of living in a little cabin in The Big Woods.

I have dreamt of peace on Earth

When I open my eyes in the morning this is what I see:

It is my Dream Catcher that lets the bad dreams pass though the holes while the good dreams slide down the feathers into my mind.

It was handmade especially for me with love and care
and turquoise leather and rusty red feathers. 

Thank you, Sweet Daughter.
Every detail is just right.

I have been the recipient of many good gifts that I
will share and acknowledge here in coming days.

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