Imaginary Train Trips: A True Story in Three Acts

Maggie to me
Jun 6 (1 day ago)

The kids are playing "Moving to California".  They've packed all of their essential toys in plastic boxes and loaded them onto the train (couch).  Ian even made sure to stop by the "Book Cart" to load up on reading material for the trip.  They're going to Oma's now and it takes a long time to get there.  That's why they have so many books.  Oh and water bottles.  Can't forget those.  Now they want to watch a movie on the train because it's such a long trip.  Funny boys.
<3 Maggie

Julie to Maggie
Jun 6 (1 day ago)
My heart is throbbing with LOVE.

Have you guys seen the movie "Hugo"?  I watched it Monday night and very much enjoyed it. It made me think of your entire family, though some of the story is a little serious/scary for little boys. Great date night movie for you and Sean. I grabbed the book from the library yesterday, but it might be one of those rare stories that I like better as a movie.

It's about an orphan who tends the big clock tower in the Montparnasse train station in France.

I'll text you now, and if the boys are still playing you can tell them you've received a special message for them from Oma.

Love you lots.



Julie to Daryl
Jun 6 (1 day ago)

Daryl!  I love that the Boys are playing "Moving to California". 

I realize they have other family besides us in California, but our GrandBoys are entirely too far away. I sent a text message to Maggie to tell the boys I am pretending I will meet them at the train station and we'll have a picnic and play ball with Jager when they get here.

 You and I might have to play "Moving to Utah" right away.

<3 Julie

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