Food We Grew

Harvested the first big batch of warty pickles cucumbers this evening.

Yummy slices are chillin' in an ice water bath right now in the fridge.

Can't wait to dip the chips in garlicky hummus and munch the sweet, salty, crunchy snack.

I'm on a crunchy binge right now. Last night I polished off the better part of a box of Life cereal while I was reading Ivan Doig's autobiography of growing up in Montana, This House of Sky.

Sheep ranching is hard work.

I don't want a sheep ranch in Montana. Just a cozy cabin.
With a garden. Where I can grow pickles cucumbers in the summer.

Did you know that I once lived by a lake in Montana?

For three glorious days.


OK, well, I don't live on a sheep ranch, so I don't have to feed orphan lambs or shear wooly sheep or herd animals to better pasture, but I do have chores that I've got to get done tonight so we'll talk more about Montana another time, OK?

OK. Bye-bye.

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