Getting Settled

I love this place.
Camera tricks make the bowling lane look like it stretches waaaaay far into the miniature kitchen. See the microwave all the way down there above the stove? It's one of the little things that make a big difference. Live without one for a while and you'll see what I mean.
Each room still needs refining, but the master suite is coming along nicely. The happy rainbow bookshelves are nifty, and the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed works pretty well. We are determined to keep it uncluttered. Wish us luck.
It's not so easy to keep the bathroom counter free of clutter, but at least our mouthwash bottles and Kleenex box are color-coordinated.
Inside is lovely. But outside is lovely also. The bench under this tree faces the spot where boxes for the vegetable garden will be located. There were still some clusters of grapes on the trellised vines when we moved in. And at night the arch becomes a magical gateway lit by solar-powered fairy lights. The sun's energy is collected all day until the sensor detects nighttime and turns on the lights!

The wire fence confines the White Dog when we are not at home. He does not have complete freedom to roam, but he has a good chunk of real estate to explore.
In the potting shed up against the house there is a wooden workbench on a lovely brick floor and a roof of twining wisteria vines. This is what it looks like in November. Spring promises to be glorious!
This bench (or a glider like it) will soon have a brass plaque in memory of my father, and the pepper tree behind it will be replaced by a young maple tree Dad not long ago coaxed from the seed of the tree he and my mother planted when I was a girl.
I love this place.
 We say that to one another all the time.

I think we are settling into this home hard and fast.

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