Hiding My Own Easter Eggs

Amongst the many boxes of goodness that have been packed away for months, I found a smallish box of delight and piece by piece I unwrapped my blue glass collection. I had packed them away carefully and deliberately almost a year ago and then forgotten all about them. It was such a pleasure to rediscover those silly bottles and I think I love them now more than ever before.

The collection began with the blown glass vase on the right that Firstborn Daughter brought for me from Italy back at the turn of the century. She and DaughterInLaw traveled there ten years ago to sing Verdi's Requiem with a special choir at St. Peter's Basilica.

Roses from the garden look lovely in the blue glass, don't you think?
Mr. Last says that the increasing frequency of our inability to quickly recall some detail or another just means that soon we will have lots of fun hiding our own Easter eggs. Based on my recent experience, I think the man is on to something.

I may just start packing up random treasures in unmarked boxes just for the fun of opening them again months or years from now.


  1. I *LOVE* your roses from the garden and they look lovely in the blue glass. I hope you take time to stop and smell the roses now and again.

  2. Ditto the big sister- The roses are gorgeous in the blue glass. And I hope I get to witness the finding of an Easter egg sometime in my life.

  3. My word verification was "micals"... I think blogger wants me to do something crafty...

  4. It sounds to me like you should call your biggest brother based on the word verification.