Weekend Fun Comin' Right Up!

Another batch or two of pomegranate jelly.

A date with Judy Garland. "
"Meet Me in St. Louis" is our Netflix movie this weekend. We put it in our queue last December when I, along with every other Netflix subscriber, thought it would be great to watch at Christmastime which created something like a 14-week wait list. So we strategically planned to beat the rush this year and we got lucky this week when the red envelope came in the mail. 

I know, DVDs are so old-fashioned. One day maybe we'll stream our movies over the Internet, but for now it is more fun to delay gratification and look forward to a little bit of happy mail now and then.

Tomorrow we could get up early to see the WhamoBass Balloon Rally at Coaling Station A, but we probably won't. Maybe next year. Again with the delayed gratification.

We are due for a photo shoot and I think this year's edition may feature a Grant Wood "American Gothic" theme. 

Perhaps we'll make a quick hit'n'run to see GrandGril just for kicks.

And I expect we'll round out the weekend with a little laundry and some yard work before we head into the Gobble, Gobble, Oink, Snooze of next week.

Maybe my weekend fun is a little tame for some folks, but it makes me happy. Get some happy for yourself this weekend. You've got 48 hours. Go!

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  1. So the WhamoBass Balloon Rally sounds pretty sweet, but I'm also intrigued by the 30 second clip of the Horned Toad Festival...

    Give the GrandGril (and her parentals) hugs for me. Love you.