I Toldja I Was Gonna..

And I did! I made Pomegranate Jelly! Yay Me!

I missed my opportunity to become a young farm wife, but perhaps I still have time to become an old farm wife. I've always loved overalls. Do you know where I could get some aprons and a chicken coop?

Have I mentioned I made Pomegranate Jelly? For the first time in half a century? It's taken me way too long to dive into this. The jelly looks so pretty cooling on the counter. Can't wait to spread it on some toast on toppa Mr. Last's Famous Nut Butter.

What? You've never heard of Mr. Last's Famous Nut Butter??

Well, let me tell you about it. Mr. Last's Famous Nut Butter is an amazing heart-healthy blend made purely of almond and pecan goodness -- no added salt, sugar, oil or other ingredients -- and it needs no enhancement. However, you/I can enhance a plain old crust of bread with Famous Nut Butter (and, soon, pomegranate jelly) and tranform toast into an Exquisite Treat That You Can Eat and Call a Meal. Add your hot beverage of choice and you are likely to begin purring.

I told you we were into Recreational Cooking around here. I blame it on the specialized power tools Mr. Last has introduced to the kitchen in recent months: a stand mixer, a food processer, and a commercial juicer. Kinda paradoxical how simple eating leads to the acquisition of advanced machinery to increase the ability to simplify, but there you have it.

I have not been quick to embrace the machinery, mostly because I loathe disassembling and cleaning specialized parts. I begrudgingly tried my hand at the stand mixer when I made pie crust a while back. A few weeks later Mr. Last unleashed the juicing potential hidden inside some lingering pomegranates that were withering on the counter, and I began to take baby steps toward the kitchen. His encouragement and patience with my messes is key to this whole adventure.

Time will tell whether or not the aprons and chicken coop are a good idea.


  1. I think ya need some Chicken Poop. Chapped lips. Put some chicken poop on it. http://www.ilovechickenpoop.com/
    Love you.

    Mucho Mucho!

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