Persimmons & Popcorn

We get pretty excited when surprises like these show up in our "goodie box". Because -- to tell the truth -- it is not likely that these would show up on our ordinary grocery list.

I always thought persimmons looked like miniature pumpkins and I I was afraid they would smell and taste like squash, too. I enjoy squash, but I want my fruit to taste sweet and delicious. And the Fuyu persimmons ARE sweet like honey and crunchy like an apple; they don't smell (or taste!) anything like pumpkin.

The popcorn came to us dried on the cob and although the kernels can be stripped off the cob before popping, I'm lazy. I throw the cob in a brown paper bag and into the microwave. The kernels pop themselves right off the cob with next to no work on my part.

I set the microwave for 5 minutes but stay there to turn it off when the popping slows (about 3.5 minutes in our microwave).

We also got another batch of pears this morning in the goodie box and we'll be snacking on fresh slices with cheese later this afternoon.

Apparently, this post (and our mid-November snacks) is/are brought to you by the letter "P".

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