A Woman of Few Words

That's one thing I've never been accused of. Yet I blogged less in October than ever before. Hmmm....I guess I've been preoccupied.

They say you always remember your first love.

Long ago and far away I read a new stack of novels every week (thank you public libraries). Novel-length stories require commitment and constancy that I was willing and able to give back in the day. No desultory reader was I. I burnt a lot of midnight oil and sat in many a tub of tepid bath water finishing "one more chapter" (often finishing the entire book before I came back to the real world). 

But somewhere amidst child-bearing and family life my attention span became fragmented. Nonfiction, predominately in the form of newspaper columns or magazine articles interspersed with an occasional paperback bestseller, seemed all I could manage. My busy life required most of my brainspace, leaving only enough room for bits and pieces so I got away from novels or, perhaps, novels got away from me.

Until lately.

Last week I was absorbed by "Jamesland"; this week it's "The Stone Diaries." I am reluctant to lay the book down, and eager to return to it at the earliest opportunity. I walk around in a cloud wondering what will happen next in the lives of imaginary people.

My first love has returned.

Welcome back.

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