What else can you say on this national day of gratitude?

Oh, OK. I am thankful for a day that started with Baked Pumpkin French Toast:

photo & recipe from here
 And then the house filled with the smell of butter and onions and celery and sage while I made bread stuffing for the turkey (which is roasting as I type).

Mr. Last and I very much enjoy Recreational Cooking (yes. that's what kids are calling it these days.), so immediately upon the heels of my popping the poultry in the oven, he began chopping and cooking onions, peppers, and spices to add to our weekly batch of beans. This week it is Spicy, Citrusy Black Beans. With extra Spicy.

Tomorrow I'm trying my hand making a batch of Pomegranate Jelly.

I repeat: we very much enjoy Recreational Cooking.

So have I mentioned there are only two of us in this household?

Yeah. So we have to pace ourselves on the Recreational Eating.


On that note, I'll leave you with my fine photographic documentation of Thanksgiving 1974:

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