A la Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

The master suite back in January....and today!

Some of the details I love:
  • guitar in the corner
  • map over the dresser
  • touch globe ($15 Big Lots)
  • pink piggy 

Also, furniture from a box -- his & hers
teak towers (from World Market), with matching silver clip lights:

And...the softness of this thrifted art
($10 @ Goodwill). A soft graphite drawing
of a soft, smiling lambkin matted
and framed in a soft pink hue.
It says to me: Hug. More. Now.

Surrounding yourself with details that are pleasing adds to making a house a home. But we all know the material comforts are secondary to the love of the people with whom you share space.

For always.
And no matter what.
(that's what the art says over the bed where it used to say "the divine quotidian")


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