The Subtler Beauty of the Unremarkable

I like the leafy theme we are sporting in the master bedroom right now, and I want to capture how it looks at this moment because it will look different at a later date when we redecorate. This is a seriously premature "Before" shot in anticipation of an "After" photo to come in the months ahead:

Oh. Yes. I know the bed is offcenter, but the leafy stencil was painted on the wall years ago and I tried every configuration to make the loveseat work. Next to the bed is the best we can do for now. A little assymmetry is good for the obsessive compulsive to cope with now and then.

So how do ya like my dollar store stick-on word art? It's a phrase from a quote I love. Some day an artistic designer version of the complete quote may grace our walls. In the meantime hot pink words look pretty groovy. They are from an essay by Scottish poet, John Burnside, who was describing traveling in the Midwest (Kansas or Iowa or some such) and buried in the middle of a paragraph deep in the essay was this amazing sentence: "I want the here and now, the divine quotidian, the subtler beauty of the unremarkable."

Yes! Me, too! I love a breath-taking work of art as much as the next girl, but the sweetness of finding beauty or divinity in the ordinary or commonplace is equally satisfying to the soul. Burnside's sentence is like a prayer, really, and I want to exclaim a hearty "Amen!" every time I recite it. 

And speaking of a hearty amen...the heart pillow is a love gift from a grateful child that reminds us daily to appreciate every heartbeat. A healthy heart is a remarkably beautiful thing.


  1. It has obviously been far too long (over a year!) since we've been to your house... I can't picture what wall that is.

  2. Standing at the foot of the bed, swing the head 90 degrees counterclockwise and that puts it back on the wall you remeember. The leafy stencil was beside the bed and did not have words when you were here last. Now you can lay in bed and look straight on through the porthole window over the bath. Come soon. You'll love it.