Project: Simplified Closet

I have more shoes and clothing than I need. I've occasionally been overwhelmed by too many choices. This is an old problem for me. I've been dealing with the tug-of-war between acquisition and simplification for years and it's been difficult to overcome my (not always irrational) fear that a need might arise in the future and I would somehow be unable to get what I need. 

I have been inspired lately by Minimalist Knitter, and two weeks ago I started my own experiment based on her post about Project 333. I am not following the project strictly, but I am tickled pink with the benefits I have enjoyed after just two weeks of wardrobe simplification.

First, I need to thank Firstborn Daughter for long ago suggesting hanging shoe holders when I complained about the shoe pile on the closet floor.

Second, wardrobe simplification has had the unexpected benefit of simplifying "clothes I'll hang up later -- I'm too tired after work" piles, as well as "soooo much clean laundry to fold and hang -- I'll do it later" piles. I hang stuff up right away.

Third, I need to tell you I have not worn the same outfit twice in two weeks even though I removed all but 35 coordinated pieces from my closet.

And I have not once done that thing where I create a pile of clothing before I even leave the house in the morning because I had to try on 4 different outfits before I liked the final combination.

A while back people were doing "What I Wore Today" posts so I was going to track it by taking a photo every morning, but that started slowing my morning momentum, so I switched to writing down a description of my ensemble in my planner later in the morning.

Eventually, I would like to get back to sewing my own clothes which was something I very much enjoyed in another life. It is a little known fact that my first declared major in college was Apparel Design.

Anyhoo, here' s picture of the First Day of Simplified Closet:

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