And Now For Something Completely Frivolous!

Some material possessions that are making me very happy just now.Not just because they are beautiful. Great bargains -- every one!
  1. Stabilo German rollerball pens $4.75 (75% off Aaron Bros. Art Mart)
  2. Re:cycle:use:duse Owl-Birdie scribble book $4-$6                           (can't remember exactly, but definitely a bargain 3-pack @ Tar-Jey)
  3. Fabulous Boho-hippie-zippy-psychodelic shoulder bag $16          (again, from Tar-Jey, where bargains abound!)
  4. Fabulous brown corduroy blazer with butterfly lining. I wear it with everything as the season is shifting toward Fall. Free-ninety-free gift from friend Mush (Thanks, Mush!)
OK, maybe some things are priceless. But clearly I have no problem finding thirty bucks' worth of happiness without much effort or pain.

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