All Things Being Equal...

...I'd rather this was the Vernal Equinox.  That's the day in Spring when the sun shines for 12 hours and then it's dark for 12 hours and thereafter we enjoy increasingly more minutes of daylight in each 24 hour period.

However, today is the Autumnal Equinox when it goes the opposite way altogether. Starting tomorrow there will be more minutes of darkness than light. But the moon is trying her best to help us out right now. Big and bright and rising just as it's getting good and dark. Thank you, Moon.

This mama bear is fighting the annual urge to fatten herself and prepare for hibernation. Soup and stew and hot beverages sound just right. As does curling up with a blanket and a book.

The White Dog asked me to post this happy photo of Autumn Past:

Happy Equinox!

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