Have You Done Everything You Wanted to Do in January?

 Here's some of what I wanted to do and did in January:
  • completed a Grey's Anatomy marathon (and, trust me, that's as close as I will ever get to running 26.2 miles without stopping)
  • started a blog
  • helped with home improvement projects
  • enjoyed several dinner dates (and a weekend!) with lastborn daughter
  • was initiated into the ranks of Munchkin lovers (don't ask. If you know Munchkin, you understand. If you don't know there is no amount of explanation that will help.)
  • welcomed home from two years in Germany my surrogate son:

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  1. You didn't answer your own question....DID you do everything you wanted to in January? I didn't really set any goals or whatnot for January itself so I'd say: sure I did everything I wanted to. Which is good because now it's February. Let's see what Mr. Groundhog sees tomorrow--I hope it's not six more weeks of winter. I'm ready for summer! Bring on the open windows and park visits.