Home Improvement

Mr. Last has been very industrious in these first ten days of Twenty Ten. I have been his consultant and helper in matters of improving our home. We are both smitten with the luminosity of the light (as Ken Burns might say) that shines from yonder chandelier now hanging in the stairwell:

She replaces a well-worn 1980s number that sported beveled glass and candelabra bulbs. Here she is from another angle:

And because fresh paint and lots of light make the need for additional improvements apparent, we excitedly hung curtains in the family room without ironing out the wrinkles first:

Stay tuned for further adventures in feathering our nest...

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  1. Beautimus updates! Before I read the caption I thought, "Oh my! She didn't even iron the curtains!" See- something you taught me DID rub off. I like the shiney blue and I love the chandelier. I think sconces like that by the bed would be so cool (and take up no space on a night stand!) I like home improvement projects.