Infinitely Creative

I really do NOT enjoy those divergent thinking tests where you are given five minutes to come up with as many uses as you can think of for, oh say, a paper clip or an envelope or a brick. Or some combination of the three. Rather than stimulating creativity, such exercises shut me down and cause me to feel about as smart as a paper clip, or an envelope, or a brick. I just cannot be creative on demand.

And yet…I do consider myself a fairly creative individual and I have even bragged immodestly about my not inconsiderable gift for improvisation and repurposing of all kinds of goods. I have been collecting bits and bobs for months now and this weekend I was possessed with a demonic crafty fever and I created: a book for the GrandBoys, a clever felt camera case, and a charm bracelet for me. Look!
I did not make teeny tiny photos, those are thumbnails that were on an old Snapfish calendar. I glued them to paint chips (you know. sample cards of paint colors you get from Home Depot) and then laid them picture side down on clear packing tape to seal the image by cutting the tape and wrapping it to the backside over the paint chip.

Then I poked holes in the edges and joined the little charms with jump rings and a lobster clasp from an old tarnished bracelet I never wear anymore.

The Interwebs are endlessly bountiful and I wish I could remember from what crafty blog I got this idea, but I am here confessing that someone else should be credited for the original idea, I just don't know who. 

A long, long time ago my life demanded for me to be creative and I just felt stuck and sinking in quicksand. In a quietly desperate moment I made a big poster with this affirmation (from Shakti Gwain, I think): "Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart truly desires will come to you." I looked at it for weeks and months. And I said the words to myself. I tried every creative thing I could think of to get moving in a upward direction. Even stuff that was hard. Or scary. Sometimes I just quit flailing and held very still listening and looking for the endless bounty around me. And eventually the quicksand solidified under me and I was able to walk on.

I am not a true believer in magical thinking, but I do believe words have weight. So I'm suggesting that it doesn't hurt to focus on positive thinking and staying open to the endlessly bountiful universe while you are working on being infinitely creative. On demand or not.

Oh, and if you like the teeny tiny charms you should see what I can do with paper clips, and envelopes, and bricks.

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