Random Weirdness

This week the following items came into the household:
  • a microplane zester for microplaning zest
  • sprigs of fresh thyme (note to self: work "sprig" or "sprigs" into writing or conversation more. "Sprig" is good word.)
  • artichoke buds and asparagus stalks
  • a used book entitled "Stalking the Wild Asparagus"
  • a used book printed entirely in Japanese (no one here reads Japanese characters, but I sometimes fake-speak Japanese [no disrespect to Japanese-speakers or Japanese-readers or those of Japanese heritage or ancestry intended. On the contrary, I feel love and concern for Japan now more than ever])
  • David Cook's debut CD cleverly entitled "David Cook"                Historical footnote: I predicted early in the season that David Cook would be the American Idol winner that season (2008!?). I have been a faithful fan of David's since he proved me right, and I have never watched a complete season of American Idol again.
  • a cute pocket-sized law dictionary published in 1935
  • duplicate certified Birth Certificates for family records
  • 111 snapshots from Snapfish for $1.11 (plus $7.99 shipping)
  • his 'n' hers snowshoes (end-of-season clearance prices, but I'm not convinced the Spring Thaw is upon us...perhaps we'll break them in this season after all...)
Thank you Amazon.com, Abundant Harvest Organics, AAUW (Sequoia Chapter) Annual Book Sale, County Clerk Recorder's Office, Snapfish, and REI dividends for delivering a boatload of random happiness into my otherwise very ordinary life.

Oh, and there are two bicycles in my living room tonight -- for reasons I won't bore you with right now -- but I'll wheel them into the garage tomorrow. Also, there are two Brandywine variety tomato plants just outside the back door to be planted tomorrow.

Yes. I follow the Scarlett O'Hara plan for success. Fiddle-dee-dee. Enjoy today and worry about the rest tomorrow...

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  1. That is an impressively random collection. And yay for certified birth certificates!