Eat the Rainbow

A trick for healthier eating is to have many different colored fruits and vegetables in a day. Breakfast is always an easy place to start with a YELLOW banana. Or you can have quinoa and berries and eat your YELLOW banana later for a snack with some RED grapes. GREEN salad for lunch is always a good choice, or a medley of steamed GREEN broccoli, WHITE cauliflower, and ORANGE CARROTS are warm and filling.

A favorite of mine is a little GREEN cilantro, with shredded ORANGE carrots, and shredded PURPLE cabbage...
...add toasted sesame seeds and dress with two tablespoons of honey mixed into a splash of sesame oil and about a quarter-cup rice vinegar. Sweet and sour heavenly rainbow of vegetables!


  1. Sounds yummy- I LOVE cabbage.

    Ian one time sang "I eat the colors of the rainbow" while eating M&Ms.... I think he missed the point...we're working on it.

  2. While we are very 'whole' eating kinds of people, I've never been able to do the quinoa. I need to try again...