Just Do It!

I love the design and colors of this gorgeous Sun Salutations poster Bethany Jane Hissong created. Click here to get your own.

Sometimes I'm busy living, and I forget to blog about it.

I have several different projects underway that I am not ready to specifically reveal, so I'll just tease instead:
  • a quote book project
  • an freezer-paper stencil project
  • a watercolor painting project
  • a photo/home decor project
  • a visual journal project
  • a knitted creature project
  • a postcard-a-day project
And several others that are just in the planning stage:
  • an A to Z project
  • a crocheted flowers project
  • a Top Fifty recipes project
  • a container garden idea
And just this afternoon I purchased his 'n' hers yoga mats so that Mr. Last and I have no more excuses to put off our yoga project. Every time I walk past Bethany's poster (click here if you didn't up there) in our room I am inspired to stop and do a Sun Salutation. A couple times I actually just stopped and did it. It felt so good! 

Add a yoga project to the first list. Just do it!


  1. Love. Love the Yoga- I really SHOULD do more. But not right now- just ate dinner and oh it was so yummy I stuffed myself. But maybe tonight before my movie. I like the poster too- reminds me of the shape game thing I used to have. I'm intrigued by your numerous projects. Hope you take pictures. Love you.

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my poster! This is very easy to memorize and do first thing in the morning. :)