Cheerios for Dinner

Guilty as charged. I fed them cereal for dinner.


They were hungry NOW!!
You can't fire me. I'm Oma.

I love when the bigger one calls everyone to "Droop Hudge"
(group hug) before bedtime.

And the littler one likes to read about truck ducks & chimp blimps.
Ask him to tell you about it. It's so cute the way he says, "Blmip."
See. They charmed YOU with their cuteness, too, didn't they?

Cheerios for dinner?

Sure, kids. Whatever you want.

1 comment:

  1. They do have a way about them don't they? I'm interested to see what happens to the dynamics in a few months.

    PS- We had cereal for dinner again tonight. Corn Squares this time. Mixin' it up- keepin' it real folks.