Pelican, Egret, but no pigeons

This weekend Mr. Last and I returned to one of our favorite places on Earth,
where we saw:

After sunset we fell asleep to the rhythm of the waves
and awoke the next morning to sunshine and blue skies:

Then we made our way down to Santa Cruz to Natural Bridges, famous for its eucalyptus grove of overwintering Monarch butterflies.
 Alas, only one Monarch was found:

so we practiced self-portraiture in the butterfly grove:

and then ate our picnic lunch:
and had fun spotting these guys:
before we returned to the Valley to find gray skies
heavy with rain. It did not dampen our spirits any
because our senses were full of the sights and sounds
of the California coast. 


  1. Jealous of your lovely adventure. So glad you guys had a great time! Looking forward to seeing you soon! We have sunshine today but a high of 27. At least it's sunny and LOOKS nice :) Love you.

  2. It was a lovely adventure and we are counting down the days until you are here. I was in your spot 25 years ago with two little ones in Cedar, and we would sneak to Mesquite whenever possible to get warm.